Monday, August 22, 2011


Thanks to all of my amazing customers.... I am up to my eyeballs in orders!  Between all my orders, my little ones, my hubby, getting ready for 2 Fall shows and sleeping a few hours a night... I am about to meltdown! :)  So I have put my shop on a wee vacation just to get caught up on orders... and celebrate my son's 2nd b-day! 

The GIVEAWAY is still on.... so enter soon!!!   I will be announcing the winner SEPT 2

Pegged will re-open on Aug 30th! 
I still have about 5 open spots for November wedding cake toppers and there will be plenty of time to place holiday orders.  I will also be posting a holiday preview in a day or two... so check back here and see what cute little ones will be up for grabs this holiday season! 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Official Giveaway!!!! ***CLOSED***

(This giveaway is CLOSED as of 9/2/11)
Very excited to announce my first official GIVEAWAY!!!!

One luck follower will win these precious bride & groom ornaments!  They stand 2" tall and come on a red satin ribbon.  The color of their hair, bride's flowers & groom's tie can be customized.

How to enter:

1) Follow my blog!!!  (1 entry)
... I just added a 'follow' button to the blog, so hopefully it works! :)

2) Leave me a comment telling me who the ornaments are for
and how you would customize them! (1 entry)

3) Spread the word of this giveaway by your Twitter, Facebook, 
blog or Pinterest! (1 entry)  Just make sure to let me know! 

The winner will be announced on Sept 2!

.... planning on having a giveaway every month until December, so check back often!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Telephones & Rhinestones Feature

A few weeks ago I was featured on a super cool Canadian blog called Rhinestones & Telephones ... check it out! Thanks Sarah for taking an interest in my shops!

Gift Idea

I am up to my ears in orders (thankfully) but really need to get back to the blog! So while my daughter is at VBS and it is just little cub and myself... I thought I would get in a quick post.

I LOVE homemade gifts and so does my family! Well, at least that is what they tell me because they get a lot! So this Mother's and Father's Day, I made these super cute, easy name pictures with my little ones! But it is a good idea for any holiday or just a special gift.

I went to JoAnn's and bought very large (about 3ft tall) paper mache letter and sprayed them white. They don't have to be perfect because you don't really have any close-ups of the letters.

Then I took A LOT of pictures of each child with each letter and then some together. This was no doubt the hardest part. Not only because it is hard to get a 1 & 3 year old to participate in a photo shoot.... BUT because you need a lot of different shots to choose from depending on how you are going to frame them and I wanted the letters to be somewhat the same size in each shot I used. So overall, it took me about 3 weeks to get all the photos done. About every other way, I would take the kids in the backyard or when we were at the park I would bring a letter and see if I could get any good shots.

One of my favorite pics is the one below.... both children smiling and happy (very rare)! But when I went to choose which shots to use, I realized I needed all vertical shot and no matter how many times I tried to re-shoot the same set up with the kids.... it didn't work! So in the end, I was not able to use it... but I still loved how they turned out!

I also had lots of shots I could not use for other reasons...

In the end, all the grandparents and Daddy loved their personalized pics!

No I have 6 huge letters in my garage and am not sure what to do with them.... but am sure I can figure out something. I am hopefully going to try and do the project again in 5-ish years.... just to have a fun comparison of how much the kids have changed.