Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cowtown Indie Bazzar

I had a wonderful time this Saturday at the Cowtown Indie Bazaar!  Meet lots of amazing artist and great customers!  It is always a lot of work to create a whole "mini" store for a show (especially when you run a made to order business and have two very active little ones) ... but it is always worth it in the end!!!  

Here's my little booth.   

Here is my new sign.... I just love it!  I might change a few things if I were to make it again... but overall it is exactly what I wanted!  My brother cut out wooden triangles (12" from top to tip) .  I painted & sealed them.... then drilled two small  holes through the top of each and put a small gauge wire through.  Next, I strung them on very rustic cord, clamping down the wire on each to keep them evenly spaced out!

Always my most popular item with little & big guys!

Precious new peg bags that will be in my shop soon.

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