Saturday, September 10, 2011

time for the holidays....

I LOVE the holidays.... now if it would only get a little cooler in Texas, it would actually feel like Fall was on the way!  We can only pray! :) 

Here are a few of my holiday items I will be offering in the shop. 

OH.... and be sure to order before the holiday rush, NOV 20 is the last day I will be accepting orders guaranteed to arrive before Dec 24!

Monster Box

                                                                 Little Tricksters
                                           cute to display or can be made into ornaments
              Give Thanks centerpiece or display.  Inspired when looking through my mothers old                   teaching activities.... and all the sweet Pilgrim & Indian crafts we use to make in Elementary. ;)

           Love this!  I am always looking for a nativity for my little ones to play with that they can't break. 
                             This is perfect and also great to help share the story of your Saviors birth.
                                           If your just looking for a sweet, simple creche.
                                         Nothing like a little Jack during Christmas time! :)
                                 Super cute bride & groom ornaments.  Great wedding present                                     or anniversary.... their hair & tie color can be customized.
                                          Made these last year for the girls in my daughters
                                                           Mother's Day Out class ..... 
                                        .... and these for the boys!  They make great class gifts
                                        or something special for all the children in your family.
                                         Custom wooden block ornaments.....

                                         Precious bride & groom ornament.
                                          Just some little cuties to trim your tree.
                                         more bride & groom.....
                                         little Kokeshis all bundled up for the winter....

Check out all the holiday items in my shop! 

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  1. Just found you via your etsy shop. Very cute stuff! Love the natvity set.