Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On the Road....

My handsome hubby and I recently visited Portland, Oregon for the first time. 
 We had an amazing time and had the best tour guide blood can buy.... my aunt & uncle! 
They were so good to us and drove us around for 3 days showing us around their beautiful city. 
The visit basically consisted of a lot of beer & coffee (mainly consumed by my uncle & hubby)... bikes and a date night to Wicked!  Sounds like the perfect weekend... huh! 

So as a tiny thank you gift, I sent my aunt & uncle a peg family of the two of them and their
pooch.  Since arriving at their new home, the peg family has gone on many journeys! 

... on the road in their new RV
.... at the beach

... and of course.... beer!

Thanks Uncle Rusty & Aunt Susie... we had a wonderful time!

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