Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh My... You Twisted Tornado

Yesterday, while my babies were at MDO and I was at
 home alone.... yes, painting.... a tornado ripped through our city! 
I have lived in Texas my whole life and am very familiar and
unfortunately very desensitized to Tornado Warnings/Watches. 
It is a very common occurrence during the Spring.  The threats usually ends up being
nothing or hit a field or small rural town that I have never heard of....
(not that it makes it any less traumatic or devastating to that small town!) 
But yesterday was different!!!  I have been on my knees before in
prayer before but nothing like I was yesterday.  As I crouched under a comforter in
our dark hallway and listened to the freight train shake our windows and blow past our neighborhood... I prayed unlike ever before! 
Thankfully my prayers  and so many
others in Arlington were answered.  Many homes near us were damaged but as far as
I know of right now, no one was injured or lost their life!  Praise GOD! 

So as of right now my poor little studio is dark and lonely.  We have been without power since
the tornado hit and thankfully have been able to make camp at my
parents house.  We have no idea when they will be able to restore our
electricity but I plan on going to the house tonight to hopefully grab as much as I can
to start working on orders.
I promise all wedding orders will still arrive in time for your big day and if you
have questions about your order, please feel free to contact me.  And in advance, thank
you for your patients while I try and get back on track! :)

Oh... and if you love a good twister...
 here's a short video of the tornado that hit in our area.  Our neighborhood is
directly to the right of the highway.  Creepy but amazing!

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